How do I run my own sales and promotions?

  • Artists can generate a unique code for sales and promotions in their own print galleries.
  • Options for custom promotions include discounts up to 25% and duration up to one month.
  • Code only applies to art prints, acrylics, and canvases. Other products receive no discount.
  • Items already purchased at a discount, like the artist rate, receive no additional discount.
  • Custom codes are perfect for stacking on top of INPRNT's free worldwide shipping offers!
  • With custom sales, the customer's discount is taken out of the artist's transaction profit.

How are my earnings affected?

This table uses an art print priced at 40 USD as an example:

Customer Discount Artist Earnings Total Earnings      
None 50% 20 USD      
5% 45% 18 USD      
10% 40% 16 USD      
15% 35% 14 USD      
20% 30% 12 USD      
25% 25% 10 USD

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