How do I remove a product?

Manage your products via the  Manage My Shop menu:

Want to toggle custom products on/off? To work on cases and cards across your entire shop, go to the  Manage Products page (available under Settings in the Manage My Shop menu). Here you can add or remove products across your entire gallery with a single click!

To edit your settings for individual images, click the artwork you want to work on in the  Manage My Shop area. Look for the check boxes for Sell Phone & Tablet Cases / Sell Art Cards, checking the box to enable products and unchecking the box to disable them.

Want to remove an image altogether? Click the piece you want to work on, and you will see a red button with options to archive and/or delete that image. Products that have sold will only display the Archive option, preserving your transactions and sales history. Archived prints will not show up in your gallery and will be visible only to you under the  Manage My Shop link. You can remove unsold prints completely by using the drop down arrow on the Archive button and clicking Delete.

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